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M10 uses non-magnetic steel or stainless steel as the base plate and welds a layer of non-magnetic alloy to obtain a wear-resistant plate with extremely low magnetic permeability.


M10 is suitable for working in a strong magnetic environment. The material will not be magnetized to affect the efficiency of the equipment. For example, magnetic separators or iron separators provide a longer service life than stainless steel.


M10 Technical Specification
Main Chemistry Composition  ( % ) C Cr Mn Si B Nb+Mo+V+W
2.0-4.0 18-35 > 13 < 1.2 < 0.7 < 0.5
Material for the base plate 20Mn23AlV & 0Cr18Ni9
Main alloy hard phase Austenite+Chromium carbide
Overlay hardness > 500Hv
Operating Temperature < 400℃
ASTM G65-04 dry sand rubber weheel test (procedure A) < 0.48g
Standard thickness(mm) 5/5,  6/7,  8/9,  10/11
Standard plate size(mm) 600*3000
Abrasive wear test weightlessness (g)
ASTM 304 2.0367
M10  0.4525

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