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This is a chromium carbide product. Through the dispersion of carbide distribution technology, the matrix structure is strengthened and has strong toughness, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the product, especially in the impact and wears conditions. Used on most occasions.


M30 Technical Specification
Main Chemistry Composition  ( % ) C Cr Mn Si B Nb+Mo+V+W
2.0-5.0 18-35 < 1.5 < 1.2 < 0.6 < 1.5
Material for the base plate Q235B,类似于ASTM  A283C
Main alloy hard phase Chromium carbide
Primary carbide volume > 37%
Overlay hardness > 670Hv
Operating Temperature < 400℃
ASTM G65-04 dry sand rubber weheel test (procedure A) < 0.12 -0.15 g
Impact Wear Testing <1.8(μm/h)
Standard thickness(mm) 5/5,  6/7,  8/9,  10/11,  12/11,17/11,20/11, 25/11
Standard plate size(mm) 1000*3000 ,600*3000(耐摩层大于17mm的规格)

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