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Product performance

The smooth surface of a wear resistant steel plate can reduce the coefficient of friction and thus reduce wear. At the same time, it can also reduce material hang-up in "sticky" applications (iron ore mines). The friction coefficient of the polished Futong wear plate is35-45%lower than other wear resistant products. In "sticky" applications or in cold areas, the probability of material hang-up is reduced by65-75%
A crack-free smooth surface also has a natural advantage when there is impact and wear. An uneven wear surface can increase the wear rate through micro-turbulence and impact.
Futong wear-resistant plates have been widely used in the fields of mining, quarrying, cement, metallurgy, thermal power, engineering and mining machinery.

All-round advantages

*The following data comes from the actual application case of Indian customer

Futong Higher Life vs Other Wear Resistant Plates

Futong Data comparison vs Other Wear Resistant Plates


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