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M10 description

M10 is a non-magnetic steel wear-resistant plate designed for a strong magnetic working environment. On the surface of stainless steel or non-magnetic steel, a layer of alloy layer with low magnetic permeability is surfacing, so that the wear plate will not be damaged in a strong magnetic environment. Magnetization generates a magnetic field, which affects the operation of the device. Due to the use of molten pool connection technology, the alloy layer is very flat and has no cracks.

M10 wear plates Alloy description:

The alloy layer is composed of austenite and chromium carbide. A large amount of austenite determines the low magnetic permeability of the material, while chromium carbide increases the hardness of the alloy layer and improves the wear resistance of the material.

FuTong M10's Product Introduction

M10 Wear Plate Application:

In some special equipment, there is a strong magnetic field, and at the same time, the equipment steel plate must not be magnetized to affect the equipment performance. The most commonly used material in this working condition is austenitic stainless steel, such as S304. The ability of S304 to resist abrasive wear is very poor, and M10 is used in this working condition, which greatly extends the equipment maintenance time.

M10 Wear Plate Wear resistance description:

M10 is used in magnetic separators, iron separators, iron removers and other magnetic separation equipment, providing 5 times the service life of S304 stainless steel.

FuTong M10's Product Introduction
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    At present, it has 2 national invention patents and 2 utility model patents.

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    12 years of technical research and more than 2500 experiments.

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    Futong is the technical inventor and leader of crack-free chromium carbide plates in China.

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    The product has been applied in 16 countries around the world.

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