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M30 description

M30 is a crack-free wear-resistant plate designed for ordinary wear-resistant applications. A layer of chromium carbide is deposited on the surface of structural steel to form a chromium carbide cover plate. Due to the use of molten pool connection technology, the alloy layer is very flat and has no cracks. This flat surface provides a lower coefficient of friction, thereby increasing service life.

M30 wear plates Alloy description:

The alloy layer adopts the carbide dispersion technology, which makes the chromium carbide particles fine and uniformly distributed in the alloy layer, which improves the strength of the machine body. While increasing the hardness of the alloy layer, it maintains the material with better toughness, thus providing better good wear resistance.

FuTong M30's Product Introduction

M30 Wear Plate Application:

M30 has a high proportion of carbide volume and at the same time maintains a fine and uniform distribution of carbide particles, which determines that this product maintains a better performance in friction and wear applications.

M30 Wear Plate Wear resistance description:

M30 is a chromium carbide wear-resistant plate, suitable for most wear situations. For example, it can provide more than 9 times the service life of Q&T materials in non-impact wear conditions, and provide 2-4 times more than the service life of general open arc welding products in impact conditions.

FuTong Product Advantages
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    At present, it has 2 national invention patents and 2 utility model patents.

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    12 years of technical research and more than 2500 experiments.

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    Futong is the technical inventor and leader of crack-free chromium carbide plates in China.

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    The product has been applied in 16 countries around the world.

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